Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Sunday June 12.

I suggested that South Norfolk Sketchers went 'plein air' painting today rather than sketching for the morning.

I chose Venta Icenorum and the adjacent High Ash Farm as the venue. It was a bright, breezy day and nine members,, including myself, spent a wonderful few hours painting the expansive views from both places.

I decided to work with pastels and set up in the shade of a large oak tree to paint the iconic pine trees that are silhouetted against the skyline as you enter High Ash Farm.

What a struggle. Why is it that everything I know about creating harmonious colour goes out of the window as soon as work plein air? After all these years, as soon as work outside, I still tend to try to reproduce local colour rather interpreting that colour to create colour harmony. BIG MISTAKE.

Nevertheless, I created something that I can treat as a sketch for a future work back in the studio and it was a good day in great company.

I think it makes a better composition cropped like this: -

'The Pines at High Ash Farm'. Pastel en plein air.

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