Thursday, 27 July 2017

Had a guided tour, together with some colleagues from the Wymondham Art Society, of the Paul Nash exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre yesterday.

I have to say there are some amazing paintings on show. I am not a particular fan of Surrealism and much of the work of that genre, whilst undoubtedly skilfully executed, left me unmoved. However, at the other end of the emotional spectrum, I challenge anyone not to be moved to tears by the monumental ‘Menin Road’, which is hung at the bottom of the entrance staircase for maximum impact. As an evocation of the first world war, and the battle of Passchendaele, it has to be work that is unsurpassed.

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Co-incidentally, when I opened the ‘News’ app on my tablet this morning, there was a black and white photograph taken during the battle that was so evocative of the painting, the same blasted trees, the duckboards, the mud and water. There is a group of five soldiers in the photo who look as diminutive in the landscape as the figures in ‘Menin Road’


Other works of note for me were ‘Totes Meer’, the Dymchurch paintings and the wonderful ‘Wood on the Downs’. These and ‘Menin Road’ make the exhibition well worth a visit. If you haven’t been, then make sure you get there before closing day on August 20th.

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