Saturday, 7 October 2017

It's been a busy summer

Well, summer is pretty well over and, after a trip to the States to catch up with painter friends and to deliver a lecture followed by a trip to Majorca for the second time this year to chill out, I'm back into the routine of teaching twice a week and preparing for my next one day workshop on October 19.

I only managed to produce half a dozen paintings during the summer months. I started off with the best intentions determined to paint every day, or at least every two days. What's the saying? Something about best laid plans? What with worrying about my sister who had to evacuate to get out of the path of Hurricane Harvey then Hurricane Irma, plus the inevitable visits to my GP to make sure I'm still functioning, walking three times a week to maintain some level of fitness, putting up with the joys of RyanAir - I could go on. Suffice to say the plans did not materialise.

Now I'm back into the tuition routine time spent in the studio will be even more precious. If, like me you've had a busy summer and now want to kick start your art, I have what the Americans would call a 'down and dirty' way of firing up those creative urges that is great fun and gets you playing with paint and creating images in a wonderfully free, loose way. It's called 'Connecting 7 Dots'.

Literally dot your surface seven times and get started connecting them with pattern and texture, colour and any kind of mark that comes out of you. All are welcome. Because there are so many possible directions to go with this project, I recommend keeping it simple at first by using only one colour or black and white to see how it works. Of course, you can always skip ahead to colour and then you take it anywhere you want from there. Think of the original lines that you make as part of a skeleton that you’ll use to build your composition. There are limitless possibilities for compositions that begin with just seven dots!

Have fun!


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